Vikings, Season 3, Episode 8

All Paris, all the time.  Well, except for Porunn leaving Kattegat.  Not a single sighting of England.

There was no warm-up.  We went right into battle.  The breadth and quality of the battle scenes was impeccable.  Cross-bows, battering rams, water-borne siege towers, hot oil.  The action was epic.  But as a whole Episode 8 came up short for me. Continue reading

About Those BEA “Personal Income” Numbers for 2014

The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released its estimates of how States’ “personal income” changed from 2013 to 2014. New Hampshire was up by 4.5 percent making it 12th highest in the nation:


Good news, right? Well, ten years ago New Hampshire was ranked 6th. So, we are not growing “personal income” as fast as we were a decade ago. What’s perhaps more worrisome is how we are growing “personal income.” Continue reading

VIKINGS — Season 3, Episode 5

The usual warning — This is not a review, just some random thoughts. But there are some spoilers.

We learn that King Ecbert’s plan (apparently) was to have his son decimate the Vikings’ settlement in Wessex.  I did not like this twist.  What happened to the pragmatic Ecbert who told King Aelee last season that they needed to reach some accommodation with the Vikings, otherwise the Vikings would return with a larger force seeking vengeance and the English would be subjected to ongoing raiding? Continue reading

Black Sails 208

Standard warning: not a review, but spoilers. A lot going on.

A major change of approach in that large parts of this episode were Abigail Ashe reading the personal diary that she is keeping on the voyage to Charleston.

Abigail undergoes stockholm syndrome and reveals to Flint and Miranda when they get close to Charleston that her father has vowed to hang Flint for killing Lord Hamilton.  Later she intervenes and saves Flint from a severe beating at the hands of Lord Ashe’s men. Continue reading