Why Jeanne Shaheen Had No Coattails

There are at least two curiosities about the 2014 midterm election results in New Hampshire. One is that the “top of the ticket” in New Hampshire went in the opposite direction from the rest of the country. While nearly the rest of the country retired Senators who, like Jeanne Shaheen, were rubber-stamps for President Obama (Virginia is the other exception), New Hampshire reelected Shaheen. And while even “blue States” like Maryland and Massachusetts were electing Republican Governors, New Hampshire reelected Maggie Hassan.

The other is that Democrat success was limited to the top of the ticket. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan had no coattails in the state races. The Democrats lost control of the Executive Council, lost a seat in the State Senate (where they already were in a thirteen to eleven minority) and lost control of the New Hampshire House where sixty seats (out of 400) switched from Democrat to Republican.

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Is Obamacare Going Down For The Count?

Sometime between now and June of 2015 the United States Supreme Court will issue another major decision concerning Obamacare. The name of the case is King v. Burwell, and it is an appeal from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The technical issue is whether the IRS interpreted the Obamacare law correctly when it wrote a regulation allowing subsidies (tax credits) for health insurance purchased on a “federal exchange,” despite language in Obamacare that explicitly limits subsidies to exchanges “established by the State.” What is at stake, however, is the viability of Obamacare.

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