Is a Bait-and-Switch in Store for House Republicans Supporting the Jasper Budget?

I’ve made my thoughts well known on the budget to be voted upon tomorrow by the House:

Voting for this budget, which simply takes the Governor’s proposed budget and makes a tweak here and there, would be loud and unambiguous statement to the voters that the Republican Party in New Hampshire has no vision, that it does not offer an alternative to Governor Hassan and the Democrats, but is merely a watered down version of Governor Hassan and the Democrats.

Republicans can do much better than the Japser budget, which in reality is just the Hassan budget slightly shrunk.

So what happens if the Jasper budget passes.  Well, we know it is DOA in the Senate.  And we know that the Senate is going to restore Medicaid Expansion. Continue reading

Thoughts About Latest Presidential Poll Numbers

Hillary Clinton has slipped below 50 percent in New Hampshire, which should be considered a Mendoza line for her, given that the Democrat establishment is solidly behind her and nobody of note is formally opposing her:


The deterioration in Clinton’s support is due to the email scandal.  The question is:  Will it get worse for her.  I think it will. Continue reading

I Am So Ready For Hillary!

Really, I am.

I am ready for Hillary to discuss her reset with Russia.  I would like this discussion to include whether she now thinks it was a mistake to cancel President Bush’s executive agreement with Poland and Czech Republic to install a missile defense system.  I would also like to know whether she deems the reset a failure or success in that before the reset Crimea wasn’t part of Russia and there were no Russian troops in Ukraine.  And I would also like to know what she would do if Putin takes similar actions in the Baltics.

I am ready for Hillary to discuss Libya, and not just Benghazi.  More particularly, I would like to know whether, if she had to do it all over again, she would support the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi knowing that his ouster led to a failed State that is now a breeding ground for ISIS. Continue reading

Damning With Faint Praise – Union Leader on the Jasper Budget

Today’s Union Leader editorial points out what was reported by the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute yesterday, and which I posted about yesterday.  Even when you look at just the “General Fund,” the Jasper budget increases spending from what was spent over the prior two-year budget period.  From my post:

In other words, the $70 million figure used by Garry Rayno is comparing the Jasper budget’s “General Fund” spending to what was budgeted in the prior two-year budget cycle. When the comparison is to what was actually spent, the Jasper budget increases “General Fund” spending by $109 million.

Overall, according to the NHFPI, the Jasper budget only spends $328 million less than the Hassan budget, which increases spending by $1.1 billion: Continue reading

Senate Budget Writers to Use Same-But-Less Budgeting Approach

From Garry Rayno’s Sunday column, the Statehouse Dome:

The Senate has already started work on its budget plan, not waiting for the House to take action. Senate leaders have indicated they do not intend to work off the House version and instead will use Hassan’s proposal as a starting point. 

Why in the world would you start with a proposed budget that increases spending by $1.1 billion dollars?

The proper starting point is $0.00.  Every single dollar that is spent by State government should have to be justified.

Instead, the Senate, like the House before it, is going to start with the assumption that government should grow every year.  And the questions is simply how much to grow the government. Continue reading

Advice to House Republicans on the Budget – Let the Democrats Pass the Democrat-ly Chosen Speaker’s Budget

The moment of truth comes this week for House Republicans when Speaker Jasper’s budget comes up for a vote.

Overall, Governor Hassan proposed increasing spending from $10.5 billion (fiscal years 2014-2015) to $11.6 billion (fiscal years 2016-2017).


Before we turn (or attempt to turn) to the House budget (which I am going to refer to as the Jasper budget, since he named the members of the budget-writing committee), note that Hassan’s proposed budget breaks out “general funds.”  This pie chart depicting the sources of funds for 2015 (July, 2014 – June, 2015) helps explain what “funds” go into New Hampshire’s budget: Continue reading