Takeaways From Yesterday’s Special Election

In the special election for the New Hampshire House held yesterday in Hampstead and Kingston (Rockingham District #13), voters elected Republican Dennis Green of Hampstead over Democrat Carol Croteau of Kingston by a margin of 715 to 447, or 61.5 percent to 38.5 percent.

This margin of 23 percent exceeded Mitt Romney’s margin of 17.6 percent over President Obama in 2012 Continue reading

Today We Find Out Who Is a Real Republican and Who Isn’t

Harsh title?  Yes, but appropriate for today’s vote on SB 113, or more accurately the Salem Slot Parlor bill.

This bill does not “legalize gambling” in New Hampshire.  It creates a monopoly for one company in one town.  We all know who the winning “applicant” will be and where the Slot Parlor -er, sorry, “upscale casino”- will be located. Continue reading

What Today’s Special Election Will Tell Us About 2016

A special election for the New Hampshire House will take place today.  In Hampstead and Kingston (Rockingham District #13), voters will choose between Republican Dennis Green of Hampstead and Democrat Carol Croteau of Kingston.

Democrats have a huge advantage over Republicans in special elections because Continue reading

Casino Rino

Casino Royale (the 2006 version with Daniel Craig as James Bond) was a really good movie.   Skyfall (2012) was even better, but I digress.

Not all, but many of the GOP in Concord have their sights set on a casino.  Rather than a Casino Royale, their casino (SB 113) should be called a Casino Rino because they would not use the tax revenue that is supposed to be collected from the casino ( in reality, two slot parlors) to reduce existing taxes, but instead they allow the revenue to be used to grow government.

Worse still, the bill, SB 113, itself grows government.  It creates a new bureaucracy, the “New Hampshire Gaming Commission, which would Continue reading

GOP Wasting an Uber Opportunity

The Manchester aldermen just voted to boot Uber out of Manchester.  Technically they voted to subject Uber to the same regulations as taxis:

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted on Tuesday to require the “ride-sharing” company to comply with the city’s vehicle-for-hire — taxi — regulations or cease operating in the city, … 

But that’s the practical equivalent of booting Uber out because the reason that Uber is economic and efficient is that it is not subject to the ossified regulations governing taxis, which are based on rent-seeking (using the regulatory power of government to prevent or reduce competition), not the protection of the consumer.

Some aldermen have claimed they voted against Uber because Uber refused to agree to having the Manchester Police conduct background checks on the Uber drivers.  But Uber does their own checks and Uber has been operating in Manchester since last October.  If the public is at such risk because Uber’s background checks aren’t as good as the Manchester Police’s, where’s the evidence of it? Continue reading

Community College a Strange Choice for Hillary to Visit

So today the Scooby Van made a stop at NHTI.  New Hampshire Technical Institute for those of you from outside New Hampshire.  The school’s real name is Concord’s Community College.

I find community college a strange choice for the presumptive Democrat candidate for President to visit because the Democrats’ message to college students is that the way to get to realize the American dream is to take it away from others who have already realized it.  More particularly, that “the rich,” presumably people who have gone to college, paid for it themselves, and become successful, somehow owe it to today’s college students and recent graduates to pay for their college educations, in the form of free tuition or subsidizing the refinancing of student debt.

Community college students strike me as interested in realizing the American dream on their own.  They are pursuing practical degrees that will result in ready, good paying jobs, as opposed to studying “sustainability” and “gender” and “women’s studies.” Continue reading