The Case For and Against New Hampshire Retaining the First in the Nation Primary

Today, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus caused a meltdown among the New Hampshire press and the New Hampshire Republican establishment by suggesting that New Hampshire may lose its first-in-the-nation primary status in 2020: Continue reading

Conservatives Should Just Admit They Lost on the Budget and Move On

There has been a lot of back and forth between Democrats and Republicans since the budget “compromise” between Governor Hassan and GOP legislative leadership, over who won.   Continue reading

What the Next GOP Presidential Debate Should Look Like

The next GOP Presidential debate is on October 28, 2015.  It’s hosted by CNBC.

As far as I can tell, CNBC has yet to set the criteria for inclusion in the debate.  However, it appears that the RNC would like to do away with the undercard debate.

Here is what I would like to see. Continue reading

If New Hampshire Republicans Believe in Local Control …

Back in January and April, I posted about Portsmouth and Manchester having issues with Uber.

Portsmouth just passed an ordinance aimed at Uber.  Seacoastonline  described the ordinance as follows:

The transportation ordinance, effective Sept. 17, has put Uber out of business in Portsmouth because it requires proof of commercial insurance and criminal background checks for drivers and Uber has not complied.

Uber disputes the City’s contention that it has not provided proof of insurance and background checks:

Uber released a statement Tuesday saying, “It’s puzzling that city officials feel as if they don’t understand Uber’s public safety measures in place, and it’s unclear what information they need.”

“The bottom line is that all trips are covered up to $1 million and all driver-partners must pass an extensive background check before they get on the road, standards that have been codified into law in over 40 U.S. jurisdictions,” according to the statement.

The City says:

“We need documentation from which the city can draw comfort if a passenger riding in an Uber vehicle is injured in an accident they will have recourse through insurance,” Sullivan said.

Let’s step back from the trees and look at the forest. Continue reading

The Next Candidate to Drop Out Should be Rand Paul

The big news yesterday was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ending his campaign for POTUS.  Here is an insightful obituary of the Walker campaign by Byron York.

At fourteen, not counting Jim Gilmore, the field is still huge.  The problem with that, according to Walker, is that it splits the anti-Trump vote: Continue reading

GOP Fundraiser Honoring Judd Gregg Co-Hosted by Head of Republicans for Lynch

Check out the invitation below.  The Republican State Committee is holding a “gala reception” on October 2 to honor former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg:


The list of hosts includes Joel Maiola.  Maiola is currently one of New Hampshire’s super-lobbyists.  The Nashua Telegraph’s lobbyist database reported the following for Maiola in 2014: Continue reading

More Establishment Spin on the GOP’s Same-But-(Just a Wee Bit)-Less Budget “Compromise”

The Union Leader editorializes today that the budget “compromise” entered into by the GOP’s legislative “leaders” and subsequently approved by the rank-and-file –unanimously in the Senate and by a majority in the House– is a “huge” victory for conservatives:

Conservatives achieved a huge and long-sought political victory in Concord on Wednesday, despite the best efforts of a large group of…conservatives.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has a lot of caucuses, which are groups of legislators who join together to advance certain causes. One should be called the Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good Caucus. It almost derailed one of the right’s biggest recent policy victories, the reduction of state business tax rates.

The state budget passed in June contained small but important business tax cuts. They would bring business tax rates below those in Massachusetts. Currently New Hampshire businesses pay a higher corporate income tax than their counterparts in “Taxachussetts” do.

Nowhere mentioned in the Union Leader’s editorial is that the budget that the Legislature passed that became the basis of the compromise increases spending over six percent over the two year budget cycle.  The current inflation rate –inflation for the 12 months ended August, 2015– is .2 percent.  Note the decimal point.  That’s .2 percent not two percent.

That’s a “huge victory” for conservatives? Continue reading