Who’s Helped and Hurt by the Union Leader Endorsement of Chris Christie

Today the Union Leader endorsed Chris Christie.  Approximately four years ago, the Union Leader endorsed Newt Gingrich.

At that time Gingrich stood at 18.5 percent in the New Hampshire polls, second to Mitt Romney who was at 36.8 percent.  Gingrich would peak at 24.8 percent about a week later, and ultimately finish at 9.4 percent.

Chris Christie is currently in seventh place:


The endorsement, in and of itself, is not going to translate into much of a boost.  If Christie gets the same boost as Gingrich, his numbers would rise to around 7.5 percent.

What the Union Leader endorsement represents for Christie is Continue reading

Federal Court Quite Right in Dismissing Lawsuit of Man Arrested at Gilford School Board Meeting

Remember William Baer?  He was the man who was arrested at a school board meeting in Gilford in 2014, supposedly in violation of his First Amendment rights.  As reported by WND, when Baer’s criminal charges got tossed by a New Hampshire judge in December, 2014: Continue reading

It’s Either Destroy the Islamic State or Accept Lockdowns as a Way of Life

Last Saturday, in anticipation of an imminent terrorist attack, Brussels went on its highest level of alert against terrorism.  Public transportation and schools were closed.  Armed guards were omnipresent.  The City was on lockdown, just as Paris had been in the days following the recent horrific ISIS terror attacks there. Continue reading

For Union Leader, It’s a Case of Be Careful What You Wish For …

The Union Leader is at cross-purposes with itself.

On the one hand, Joe W. McQuaid, and by extension the Union Leader (which is merely an extension of McQuaid) has gone to war with Fox News and the RNC over the GOP debates, which McQuaid sees as a threat to the influence he thinks he should wield over the primary. Continue reading

Is Chris Sununu Running Another Do Nothin Lose Gracefully GOP Campaign for Governor?

A couple of days ago I posted And Round One Goes to Chris Sununu in which I opined that Sununu’s opposition to a career Public Defender nominated by Governor Hassan for a judgeship on New Hampshire’s second highest court was a political winner: Continue reading

Local Media Critical of GOP Debates Talk the Talk But Don’t Walk the Walk

From Full Metal Jacket, “You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?”

Some local press, particularly the Union Leader, have been apoplectic and apocalyptic  about the RNC’s decision to limit the number of GOP debates, and the criteria for those debates. Continue reading

Does Ted Cruz’s Change of Position on Immigration Benefit Marco Rubio?

I previously posted about Ted Cruz’s position on illegal immigration and the 11 million or so living illegally in the United States.  The context for this post was the excellent Fox Business Channel CNBC debate and the back-and-forth over immigration between Cruz and Marco Rubio that followed the debate.

Since that post (11/12/15), Cruz has hardened his position: Continue reading

Just What is Ted Cruz’s Position on Immigration?

(UPDATED 11/14/15 – update at bottom of post)

From the Fox Business Channel debate:

CRUZ: I want to go back to the discussion we had a minute ago because, you know, what was said was right. The democrats are laughing — because if republicans join democrats as the party of amnesty, we will lose. Continue reading