Concord Monitor Shotguns the Clinton Kool-Aid

It’s not surprising that the Concord Monitor has endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  The Monitor has seen Jeanne Shaheen (Governor 1997-2002, United States Senator 2009-2021), John Lynch (Governor 2005-2013) and Maggie Hassan (Governor 2013-2017) turn New Hampshire ever-bluer through incrementalism and was there in 2002 when gubernatorial candidate Mark Fernald lost in a landslide when he tried it Bernie’s way.

But the intellectual dishonesty of the Monitor’s endorsement should not go untold.  Indeed, reading the editorial is like chug-a-lugging a mug of the Clinton Kool-Aid. Continue reading

Shawn Jasper Uses “Civility” as Cover to Attack Conservatives

Shawn Jasper a nominal Republican who  was elected Speaker of the New Hampshire House by the Democrats and a handful of Republicans, over the choice of the Republican caucus, former Speaker Bill O’Brien, opened the House’s 2016 session by calling upon representatives to act with “dignity.”

While Jasper didn’t name any names, everyone knew he was talking about a Facebook spat that went viral between some Free-Staters and some conservative Republicans over the “Free-the-Nipple” issue and a Republican Representative calling out Hillary Clinton at a Town Hall for Hillary’s hypocrisy regarding claims of sexual assault against Bill Clinton.

New Hampshire’s liberal press, naturally, ate it up. Continue reading

Explaining the Trump Phenomenon to Former Governor Sununu

The New Hampshire Union Leader, also known as #DyingPaper:


ran a guest op-ed yesterday by former Governor Sununu about -surprise, surprise, surprise- Donald Trump.

Some comments, but first I want to make clear that I am not planning on voting for Trump in the primary.  I have narrowed my choice down to three candidates and Trump is not one of them. Continue reading

Who is the Real Marco Rubio?

When I listen to Marco Rubio, I find myself nodding in agreement.  Reinvesting in and modernizing our military, simplifying our byzantine tax code, repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a system based on tax-credits which would put Americans back in charge of their healthcare — among other things.  And he appears to be just the person to deliver such a powerful conservative message. Continue reading