Socialism, Including “Democratic Socialism,” is Intellectually Vacant, Morally Reprehensible and Socially Corrosive

I think the “textbook definition” of socialism is something along the lines of government owning or controlling the “means of production.”

Based on his website, Bernie Sanders’ “Democratic Socialism” involves using a progressive tax scheme (higher tax rates on higher incomes) to redistribute income from the “rich” to the poor and the middle class.  However, this redistribution does not take the form of government cutting checks to the middle class and the poor from the taxes taken from the “rich,” but rather involves expanding existing government programs (e.g. social security) and creating new government programs (e.g. “single payer” health insurance, “free” college).

It is important to note that Sanders’ position is that in order to achieve “Democratic Socialism” the government must be able to limit and ban political speech which it disagrees with.

With that context, let’s discuss three unassailable criticisms of socialism, which apply both to the classic model and Sanders’ variation: socialism is intellectually vacant, morally reprehensible and socially corrosive. Continue reading

In New Hampshire, the Illusion of a GOP Statehouse

Former State Representative and current political activist Spec Bowers has compiled a scorecard that indicates that 34 State Representatives who ran as and were elected as Republicans actually vote with the Democrats 40 percent or more of the time:

Spec.Bowers.1 Spec.Bowers.2 Spec.Bowers.3 Spec.Bowers.4

I don’t know what votes Bowers used, but he states that, “Almost all of these votes were to pass or kill a bill, or to adopt an amendment. There were 5 that might be labeled procedural and those were important. The simple fact is that the majority of Republicans voted one way, but they voted the other way.” Continue reading