VIKINGS – Season 3, Episode 2

This is not a review, just some random thoughts. But there are some spoilers. So consider yourself warned.

I din’t expect the breakneck pace of Episode 1 to continue, but this episode belabored the obvious and didn’t pay enough attention to angles I would have like to seen explored.

King Ecbert is really, really really interested in Lagertha.  And Lagertha seems to  be warming to him.  They are both great characters, and I like this story-line, but I would have liked one less courting scene and instead some dialogue between Ragnar and his long-time friend Torstein as Torstein suffered and decayed from the battle-wound he suffered in the attack on Kwenthrith’s uncle in Episode 1?  And/or maybe some soul-searching by Ragnar about whether he should ask the Christian God to help his friend?

If you had any doubt that Kwenthrith is unhinged, doubt no more — doing a Viking berserk on her dead Uncle’s head.  I can’t see her being Ragnar’s romantic interest after that.

Speaking of gratuitous violence, don’t do mushrooms with Rollo if there are any axes nearby.  Especially not if you are dressed in Mercian battle-garb.

Earl Kalf going after Ragnar while he is away seems like the a repeat of the Jarl Borg story-line from last season.

We didn’t learn much about the Wanderer.  The little we saw reminded me of Spock’s brother Sybok, from the Final Frontier:  “Your pain runs deep … Share it with me … .”  I guess this means that Siggy and the women who remained in Kattegat will play a bigger role than I contemplated last week.

Interesting that Ecbert spoke to Judith about her designs on Athelstan, rather than talking to Athelstan, whom he seems to view more and more as a son.

Thorunn makes some snarky comeback to Bjorn, which causes Bjorn to ask her to marry him — zzzz

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