VIKINGS — Season 3, Episode 4

The usual warning — This is not a review, just some random thoughts. But there are some spoilers.

Yes, apparently pee is sterile and it was used in ancient times to disinfect wounds.  And the look on Ragnar’s face when Kwenthrith peed on him was priceless.  My next favorite Ragnar moment was at the feast at King Ecbert’s villa when a drunken Aethelwulf, who does an about face and tries to befriend the Vikings (which obviously may not be sincere) is dissed by Ragnar — “I don’t like you.”

On the other hand, Ecbert and Ragnar get along quite well, and there is a hilarious exchange when Ragnar asks Ecbert if he thinks himself a good man and Ecebert answers, “Yes I think so,” then poses the same question to Ragnar, who parrots Ecbert’s answer and asks Ecbert if he is corrupt and Ecbert answers, “oh yes, are you.”

Lagertha isn’t that taken with Ecbert that she will remain in England, or because as she tells him: “I have come to understand that the only person you truly care for is yourself.”  Of course, there was no reason to develop the Kalf character if she was going to remain in England.  Lagertha, however, is not that good a judge of character, as she insists to Rollo that Kalf isn’t like other men.

As for Kalf, he has enlisted the aid of King Horick’s orphaned son and Jarl Borg’s widowed wife.

A lot of hooking up in this show.  Harbard and Aslaug, and no doubt Aslaug is pregnant because this followed Harbard telling a story about how he left a son in Kiev where he hooked up with some other princess.   Athelstan and Judith, but Athelstan still intends to leave with Ragnar.  Ecbert tells Athelstan that this is the wrong choice.  And Ragnar with Kwenthrith following the peeing.  Oh, and Lagertha and Ecbert, which started last week.

At the feast, Ragnar picks up on the relationship between Lagertha and Ecbert.  Lagertha tells Ragnar that she sacrificed herself for the common good.

Siggy falls through the ice on a frozen lake and drowns.  Was she really seeing Ragnar’s sons, or was this an illusion created by Harbard?  Harbard leaves after having sex with Aslaug, and after we learn Siggy is dead.  Actually, he just goes poof as Helga watches him walk out of the settlement.  

There really was no role left for Siggy given that Rollo has abandoned his personal ambitions and no longer seeks to rise above Ragnar.  That was the reason she stuck with Rollo through his drunken four years after betraying Ragnar. 

Kwenthrith kills her brother with poisoned wine.  Immediately following, there is another very amusing scene — she then tells everyone present, who have just witnessed the poisoning, to stand and raise their cups to her as the only ruler of Mercia.  Which they do, but nobody drinks, instead pouring out the wine and throwing the empty glasses at her feet.

Floki is still in a dark mood.  I don’t really see where this is going, unless he throws in with Kalf.

And Bjorn continues to be in limbo about what to do about Porunn.  He is unable to leave her, but he is also unable to accept her appearance.


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