Is the Honeymoon Over? Democrats Turn on Leading Jaspercrat Neal Kurk Over Who Should be Face of Tax Increases

Check out this tweet from Aaron Jacobs, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democrats:


What’s raised Jacobs’ ire is this:


First of all, there are no DOT cuts, never mind big cuts.  Here is Speaker Jasper’s deputy Jack Flanagan, saying just that:


As best I can tell from the reporting, which with all due respect to the press has left much to be desired, because Republicans were balking at increasing car registration fees as proposed by Governor Hassan, Rep. Kurk proposed to reallocate money within the DOT budget in a way that would fund the proposed spending by Hassan by forcing DOT to lay people off.  His intention was to pressure the House into raising taxes in order to fund an increase in DOT funding above and beyond the anticipated growth in revenues from taxes and fees.

However, Rep. Kurk is not willing to be the face of the tax increase, and wants the Democrats to be the face of the tax increase.

That does not sit well with Mr. Jacobs, who wants his Democrat Reps to be able to defend themselves in the next election against charges that they voted to raise taxes and fees by arguing that the increased taxes and fees were “bipartisan.”  Obviously, that would be a lot easier if Kurk were to sponsor another increase in the gas tax (it was raised materially just last session).

Is the honeymoon between the Democrats and the Jaspercrats over so soon?

Jaspercrat (noun) (1) The 36 or so Republicans who thwarted the 239 member New Hampshire House GOP Caucus on Organization Day by refusing to vote for the Caucus’ choice for Speaker, Bill O’Brien, and then joined with the 159 House Democrats to elect Shawn Jasper as Speaker. plus (2) The Republicans who did not support Jasper on Organization Day but who have since Organization Day either (a) asserted or agreed that Jasper, by virtue of being elected Speaker of the House by 36 or so Republicans and 159 Democrats, became not just Speaker but the leader of the House Republicans as well; or (b) who do not believe that Democrats should get to pick the GOP’s leader, but nevertheless have asserted that party “unity” requires recognizing Jasper as the leader of the House Republicans (as opposed to simply Speaker of the House); or (c) have legitimized Japser’s actions and assertions by accepting positions that Jasper as Speaker has the authority to confer –Chair and Vice-Chairs of Committees– and/or positions that the Republican leader of the House would confer –Majority Leader, Whip, etcetera. (3) Republicans who share Jasper’s ideology that government needs to grow, that is that spending needs to go up every budget and that what differentiates Republicans from Democrats is that Republicans support “reasonable” increases in spending and taxes. This is often described as same-but-less Republicanism.

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