VIKINGS — Season 3, Episode 5

The usual warning — This is not a review, just some random thoughts. But there are some spoilers.

We learn that King Ecbert’s plan (apparently) was to have his son decimate the Vikings’ settlement in Wessex.  I did not like this twist.  What happened to the pragmatic Ecbert who told King Aelee last season that they needed to reach some accommodation with the Vikings, otherwise the Vikings would return with a larger force seeking vengeance and the English would be subjected to ongoing raiding?

I would have been OK with it if it had been explained as Ecbert realizing his nobles would never accept the Vikings and he had to make a choice.  But instead he told his son, Aethelwulf, that the plan was to expose the nobles disloyal to him.  Perhaps Ecbert couldn’t deal with the reality of his son disobeying him, and this is how he deals with it?  By pretending it was his idea.

While we are on the topic of psychoanalysis, Rollo is hitting the mead again.  And heavily.  In response to Siggy’s death.  He does have a pretty good drunken brawl with Bjorn.  Following which he goes to see the Seer, which turns into a counseling session — mom and dad always like Ragnar better, and Lagertha chose Ragnar, and that he’s such a failure … .  The Seer laughs at him and tells him he’d be dancing naked naked on the beach if he knew what the future held for him.  Huge spoiler in next paragraph, so those of you who are not history buffs skip it.

A Viking named Rollo in real life was the first king of Normandy.  So I assume that was what the Seer was seeing for the Rollo character.

So Lagertha saves Ragnar’s ass when Jarl Borg takes over Kattegat, but Ragnar won’t help her reclaim her earldom from Kalf?  Apparently sacking Paris is so important to Ragnar that he won’t repay his debts.  What happened to the Ragnar that wanted to invade England not for booty, but to farm it?  As with Ecbert above, I needed a little bit more here to understand the change from the man whose aspirations were to find land where his people could live peacefully with each other.

Perhaps Ragnar is satisfied that the deal with Ecbert (which he does not know Ecbert has broken) fulfills that goal, and now he is on to different things.

Speaking of which, looks like Kalf is going to pay a major role in the raid on Paris.  Does Ragnar not learn about the massacre of the settlement in Wessex until after the raid?

How is it going to work with Kalf and Lagertha both participating in the raid?  Unless they hook up.  Don’t trust him Lagertha.

There is nothing left about the Floki character to like.


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