Vikings, Season 3, Episode 10

It’s taken me a while to post this because I was so disappointed in Episode 10.

It was confusing and implausible.  I was expecting a lot more.

So Ragnar became a Christian when he thought he was dying, but after surviving for a month thereafter began to believe he would survive and used Christianity as a ruse to conquer Paris?  Or he never believed he was dying and his baptism was part of the ruse?

It was not clear, but it seems the latter because Ragnar told Bjorn early on in the show, presumably right after the baptism because it was before the tribute was delivered which was a month before the ruse, that there was something he trusted only Bjorn to do, which presumably was the ruse.  It might have been something else, and Ragnar came up with the Trojan-casket ruse later, but we got no indication that it was something else.

Which makes no sense because by all appearances Ragnar was really dying and did not have the strength to carry out the ruse.

Something else I didn’t understand was why it was necessary to keep the ruse a secret from Rollo and Lagertha.

As for the ruse itself, it was totally implausible.  I know we are supposed to suspend disbelief to some extent, but this was asking too much.  Ragnar, who had never been in Paris before, was somehow able to navigate back to the bridge?  He somehow knew that the Emperor and his daughter would be at the funeral mass, so he could take one hostage?  He somehow knew that the Franks would open the City to the Trojan-casket instead of sending a priest to the Vikings’ camp?  One of Ragnar’s gifts is the ability to think two or three steps ahead of his adversaries, but this was ridiculous.

I loved Floki’s rant at the Trojan-casket.  What a tortured soul!  He hates Ragnar, yet he can’t stop loving Ragnar.

Lagertha at the casket was top-notch as well.  It was obvious well before Ragnar’s death that that she was still in love with Ragnar, but she presented it in a powerful and graceful way that was quintessentially Lagertha.

Rollo at the casket was the prototypical Viking warrior – well we all die someday … .

That look Ragnar gave Rollo as the fleet sailed away.  It wasn’t a look of brotherly love.

Best line/look of the show:  After Princess Gisla’s rant putting down Rollo, Rollo’s “hello” in French followed by a this-is-going-to-be-fun smile.  Usually, it’s a look from Ragnar that is the look of the show, but in this episode it was Rollo.

Worst part of the show:  Did we really need to know that Count Odo is into sadism?

Missing:  Nothing about Wessex or Mercia.  Perhaps this is where Ragnar will turn his attention in Season 4, with Rollo protecting Paris?

Although Episode 10 did not meet my expectations, I am very curious about Season 4.  As just noted, there is the potential for Ragnar versus Rollo if Ragnar returns to raid Paris.  Or will we see a time-jump with Ragnar’s other sons coming of age, as happened with Bjorn, and new characters?  And there is that unfinished business in Wessex.


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