The #VolinskyAgenda


“strong pub schools” – block school choice, so middle-class and poor parents cannot pick the schools their children attend the way rich parents, like Andru Volinsky, can and do.  Forcing middle-class and poor parents into public schools facilitates Democrats inculcating their left-wing values into children, and thereby creates generation after generation of compliant Democrat voters who think, talk and act the way Democrats think they should.  Especially cannot allow children to attend religious schools because abortion must never be seen as the taking of an innocent human life.

“basic healthcare=human rt.” – heavy and ubiquitous government control over healthcare (including de facto rationing), and higher taxes.  It is beyond cavil that “free healthcare” would produce a far higher utilization of  healthcare.  To try to restrain the cost of “free healthcare,” government bureaucrats will decide what medical procedures will be reimbursed, which as a practical matter empowers bureaucrats to ration healthcare.  Doctors and nurses aren’t going to work for free.  Nor are medical devices going to pay for themselves.  A new healthcare tax will be imposed to pay for the “free healthcare.”  As a comparison, in the United Kingdom the tax rate on incomes from $0 to approximately $30,000 pounds is 20 percent, which would be a massive tax hike for the 45 percent of Americans who presently pay no income tax.

“humans cause climate change” – more taxes, more regulations and more crony capitalism.  A carbon tax, which would cause a flood of money into government coffers without doing anything to arrest CO2 emissions in China, which in 2015 were approximately twice that of the United States.  The carbon tax would disproportionately hit the poor and middle-class and provide a pretext to massively expand economically unviable  public transportation, which in turn would have to be subsidized by new and higher taxes.   Regulations increasing the cost of automobiles, light bulbs, air conditioners, heaters, televisions and anything in any way connected to fossil fuels.  Again the poor and middle-class would be disproportionately affected by the cost of these regulations.  Subsidies for businesses that the central-planners favor; that is, more Solyndras.  In short, climate change is a pretext for replacing free-market capitalism with the type of centrally-planned socialist economy that was tried and failed under the Soviet bloc.

“reduce inc inequality” – increase government dependency.  Allow more people to qualify for food stamps, Medicaid etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, which are dependency traps because recipients lose benefits for earning more income.  Raising the minimum wage, which reduces the number of entry level jobs where workers can learn the skills to do higher-paying jobs.  And, of course, raising taxes on “the rich,” which has never reduced income inequality:

The flip side of the progressive agenda to redistribute income to those with less is to raise taxes on the “rich.” The data show that it is also an ineffective way to reduce inequality.

President Clinton increased the top tax rate on higher earners—yet inequality rose during his administration, and faster than under the tax-cutting Ronald Reagan. The same happened under President Obama. Tax rates went up on upper-income earners. Inequality rose too, and more than under his tax-cutting predecessor.

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