How Representative Sherry Frost Has Elevated Political Discourse in New Hampshire

The tweet from Representative Sherry Frost, aka Representative Potty-Mouth, that first became notorious was this one, calling State Senators “fuckers” for voting to reform New Hampshire’s concealed-carry law:

That tweet appeared on January 10, 2017, on the same day Potty-Mouth also tweeted “fuck fuck fuckity fuck”:

and referred to Mississippi “Mississ-fucking-sippi”:

a few days prior, she had dropped the F-bomb in referring to the Second Amendment right to bear arms:

Equally notorious tweets appeared in subsequent months:

Yet, despite this inability to control herself, Representative Potty-Mouth, was shocked –shocked– that her colleagues took it seriously when she tweeted that she felt like killing some of them:

Potty-Mouth’s tweeting appears to have spawned multiple wanna-be-potty-mouths.  One called a female GOP State Representative the “C-word”:

Another posted a picture depicting Kellyanne Conway as a dominatrix and suggested a conservative tweeter ‘s male body-part was underwhelming:

The New Hampshire Democrat Party apparently sees nothing wrong with any of this.  To the contrary, their position –apparently– is that dropping F-bombs, calling female legislators the C-word, and depicting a senior GOP female counselor to the President as a dominatrix is what the First Amendment is all about:

One thought on “How Representative Sherry Frost Has Elevated Political Discourse in New Hampshire

  1. Maybe F-Bomb was playing on words but isn’t it “unprecedented”? instead of unPresidented? She didn’t spell Mississippi right either. And how’s she getting days off from her UNH English Prof gig to attend her ethics hearings? Good one Ed!

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