Why the New Hampshire GOP Keeps Losing Special Elections

Democrats have won five of seven special elections in New Hampshire – one State Senate seat and four State Rep seats.

Unnamed GOP “operatives” say its simply that the Democrats have more money and staff.  As John Boehner famously said: Are you kidding me!

The Democrats always have more money and staff.

There are three reasons.

First, the GOP Senate has failed to deliver any meaningful legislative successes.  No Obamacare repeal, no wall, no tax reform, which has GOP voters asking what’s the point of electing Republicans.

Second, the New Hampshire GOP establishment mistakenly believes that Governor Sununu’s popularity will carry down ticket.  Maggie Hassan was reelected handily in 2014, but the House flipped from Democrat to Republican and Republicans increased their majority in the Senate.

The high popularity of Sununu, as was the case with Hassan, is due in part to high popularity among voters of the other party.  Fifty percent of Democrats approve of the job Sununu is doing.  But that does not translate into voting for the other party down ticket.

Third, the Democrats have recruited new candidates, who don’t have a voting record for the GOP to criticize, and who have soft-pedaled the Democrat Party’s hard-left ideology.

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  1. And the rising tide facilitating need for “special” elections seems to show a pattern of….?

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