No, the Alexander-Murray (Obamacare) Bill Does Not Reduce the Deficit

At least one member of  Governor Sununu’s staff is claiming that the Alexander-Murray bill, which restores the Obamacare “CSR” payments that President Trump recently ended, reduces the deficit:CSR -Cost Sharing Reduction- payments are a euphemism for the federal government forcing taxpayers to reimburse insurance companies for losses incurred as a result of Obamacare requiring insurers to charge lower premiums and/or deductibles to lower-income insureds.

As HotAir has explained, CBO basically “cooked the books” in order to claim Alexander-Murray reduces the deficit.  More specifically,  CBO compared spending under Alexander-Murray to spending under Obamacare assuming that Trump would make “CSR” payments.  That is a ridiculous assumption, obviously, because Trump has stopped making CSR payments on the grounds that they are not legal because Congress never appropriated the funding.

From HotAir:

Even the cost savings are more or less reliant on the status quo. Earlier this year, the CBO projected the costs of the CSR payments to reach $7 billion this year, and escalating to $16 billion in 2017. Congress has not appropriated funds for the program since 2014, but the Obama administration paid them anyway, as did the Trump administration until this month. The $3.8 billion in savings for Alexander-Murray results from CBO counting this money as already outgoing rather than as new spending. Given that the purpose of Alexander-Murray was to provide new funding for CSRs now that the White House has refused to spend money that Congress has not appropriated, that is a very, veryquestionable scoring decision.

So Alexander-Murray is hardly a “fiscally conservative health care solution.”

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