Trouble on the Right for Chris Sununu?

On December 14th, Governor Chris Sununu announced the formation of a Civil Rights Unit within the Attorney General’s office and the establishment of an Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion:This appears to have been the proverbial straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back for New Hampshire’s indefatigable conservative blogger Steve MacDonald, who posted a blog titled Chris Sununu’s March Toward the US Senate Takes Another Bite Out of New Hampshire:

Diversity and Inclusion programs on campuses are responsible for speech codes, infringing on religious liberty and free association, compelled speech, and more. Complete with a disciplinary committee, which in the case of New Hampshire, is the State Attorney General’s office. What could go wrong?

And for what?

My best guess is that this is just another “step” on Gov. Sununu’s well thought out journey to reclaiming John Sununu’s “US Senate seat” in 2020.

I think that the concerns that Steve raises about the “diversity and inclusion” council are spot on.  On many college campuses, “diversity and inclusion” have been used as justifications for enforcing progressive orthodoxy and censoring conservative speech.

But I want to focus on Steve’s general indictment of Sununu:

Full day kindergarten has been on the Teacher’s union bucket list for years. …

It came with legalized gambling (which now has its foot in the door thanks to Sununu). …

Expanded Medicaid-another left-wing love affair passed thanks to Republicans is in no danger of being repealed by this legislature or this Governor.

Mr. Sununu is vocally opposed to further protecting the voting rights of actual citizens and favors the scheme that allows out-of-state-tuition paying students and non-residents to tip local elections at will, a super-majority of them toward the Democrats.

I would add the following to Steve’s list:

Submitting a budget that essentially continued the status quo under his Democrat predecessors of growing government at a rate materially higher than inflation.

Filling a Supreme Court vacancy based on identity politics.

Funding Planned Parenthood.

I didn’t expect Sununu to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan because I believe that he recognizes that New Hampshire is actually a blue State, notwithstanding the GOP’s nominal control of State government. Instead, I hoped he would be a GOP-version of John Lynch, moving the State incrementally to the right.

But that hasn’t happened.  While Sununu has supported some conservative issues, the Second Amendment (constitutional carry), education-choice and the cut in business taxes, in the aggregate he has moved the State to the left.

My sense is that Sununu believes that because New Hampshire is actually a blue State he needs to tack to the left to get reelected, and that it is safe for him to do so because conservatives “have nowhere else to go.”  The problem with this strategy is that at some point conservatives will say, “what difference does it make,” and not vote for him.

The question, of course, is at what point does tacking to the left begin to cost Sununu more votes than it gains him.

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