The Myth That the Socialist Budget Provides “Property Tax Relief”


What a bunch of bull.

First of all, absent a real statewide municipal spending cap -which is long overdue as “local control” has become a punch line- there is nothing stopping the municipality from treating the “revenue sharing” as “free money” and spending it on top of whatever they would have spent without the “revenue sharing.” Dangle a dollar in front of a politician and do you really think he or she won’t almost immediately find a pressing, urgent “unmet need” to spend it on?

Second, it is an insult to the intelligence of the people of New Hampshire to call this relatively measly sum “relief.” The Socialist budget proposes $417 million in new taxes and fees. The so-called “property tax relief” is not even THREE PERCENT of the new taxes and fees. In terms of total spending? .3 percent. That’s .003.

If all the “property tax relief” went to Manchester, it would not even amount to 2% of what the City spends over a two-year period (which is the valid comparison because the $12.5 million is for a two-year period.)

It is a JOKE to call this “property tax relief.” It is an insult to the people of New Hampshire. It is, in a couple of words, total bull***t.

What The NH House Freedom Caucus Must Do Next On The Budget

This is a companion piece to What Governor Sununu Must Do Next On The Budget, which I posted yesterday.  As I did with the prior post, I will begin with the NH House Freedom Caucus’ statement on the House’s failure to pass a budget: Continue reading

What Governor Sununu Must Do Next On The Budget

Governor Sununu’s statement on the failure of the New Hampshire House to pass a budget:

“While I’m disappointed that House leadership couldn’t get a budget passed today, I am encouraged that the Senate has moved swiftly to take up my budget as a starting point for their deliberations. 

“The people of New Hampshire sent us here to get things done and to address our state’s most critical public policy and program priorities. I look forward to taking the next steps in the budget process by working closely with members of the Senate to do exactly that and, as always, my door remains open to all members of the House who want to bring good ideas forward. On matters of economic development, education and our opioid crisis, failure is not an option. Granite Staters deserve results. We will deliver a fiscally responsible budget.”

It is not enough for Sununu to have an open door.  He needs to meet one-on-one with the Representatives who voted against the budget.  Here is why: Continue reading

NH House Freedom Caucus Exposes Jasper-Budget — Jasper Increases Spending More than Sununu

Say what you want about the NH House Freedom Caucus, but it is undeniable that they are doing  the work that the #fakenews #nhpolitics press should be doing.

More particularly, House Speaker Shawn Jasper and his minions are proposing a smoke-and-mirrors budget that actually increases spending by $21 million over the spending increases proposed by Governor Sununu in his proposed budget. Continue reading

Random Thoughts on the Sununu Budget

Here is the transcript of Governor Sununu’s budget address.

While not mentioned in the address, the press reports that overall spending is slated to increase, over the next two years, from $11.3 billion to $12.1 billion.  That’s an increase of seven percent in Fiscal Years 2018-2019 over the two prior Fiscal Years, July, 2015 through June, 2017. Continue reading

What Kind of Governor?

Soon New Hampshire will have its first Republican Governor since Craig Benson in 2003-2004.  Benson was a one-and-done Governor (that is, he was not reelected), and was the first GOP Governor of New Hampshire since Steve Merrill, who served two terms between 1993 and 1996.  Needless to say, having held the corner office only two out the last 20 years, the GOP has a lot riding on Chris Sununu.

So what kind of Governor will Sununu be?  Perhaps a better way to frame the question is whether Sununu will be a status quo Governor or a transformational Governor.

The first indication we will get of the kind of Governor that Sununu will be is whether he recommends a status quo budget or a transformational budget. Continue reading

Conservatives Should Just Admit They Lost on the Budget and Move On

There has been a lot of back and forth between Democrats and Republicans since the budget “compromise” between Governor Hassan and GOP legislative leadership, over who won.   Continue reading