Some Takeaways From the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies’ Recent Study on Education Spending in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies recently released a study titled Education Finance in New Hampshire – Headed to a Rural Crisis.  The Center is decidedly left of center, but the study is well worth the read because it contains a lot of useful information.  Here are some takeaways, albeit probably not the takeaways the authors intended. Continue reading

Town of Windham to Sue Democracy

As of 2013, the median family income in Windham, New Hampshire was north of $124,000.00.   That was almost twice the median household income in New Hampshire in 2013.   As of 2010, Windham was ranked the sixth richest town, in terms of household income, in New Hampshire.

But Windham is thinking about bringing a lawsuit against the State on the theory that it is not getting enough State aid for public education: Continue reading