Quick Takeaways from the Special Election in State Senate District 16

Unofficial results have Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh defeating Republican David Boutin by a very comfortable margin of 55% to 45% in the Special Election for State Senate District 16.

The result should serve as a wake-up call to the NH GOP because Boutin held the seat from 2010 to 2016 and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton essentially battled to a draw in 2016, with Clinton eking out a 15,150 to 15,040 win.

The difference in performance between Trump and Boutin is even more striking because Trump had to contend with hordes of out-of-State college students from Southern New Hampshire University and Saint Anselm voting in his election, while Boutin had the benefit of many of these students being home for summer break.

So why did Boutin so underperform Trump? Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Win Special Election in State Senate District 16

Yes, I know the election is not until July 25th.  And, actually, I expect the candidate running as a Republican, former State Senator David Boutin, to come out on top.  But while the Democrats may lose this particular battle, they have won the war.  More specifically, the Republican Party in New Hampshire has moved so far to the left that the Concord Monitor has endorsed Boutin.

In other words, the political divide in New Hampshire is no longer about small government versus big government, which I believe is the essence of the conservative versus liberal divide.  It’s about who can run big government better. Continue reading

No, Concord Monitor, Opposing the Progressive Feminist Agenda Does Not Make Someone Just a Less Virulent Robert Fisher

The Concord Monitor recently ran an editorial titled, “The fringe of everyday misogyny.”

I agree completely with the conclusion of the first paragraph, that Representative Robert Fisher should, my words not the Monitor’s, get the hell out of the State House:

It’s obvious that state Rep. Robert Fisher of Laconia, who was outed this week as one of the creators of an online forum dedicated to a particularly repulsive strain of misogyny, doesn’t belong in the State House.

But the Monitor’s editorial actually is not about Fisher.  It is about pushing the progressive feminist agenda in New Hampshire though “shaming”: suggesting that anyone who does not support the progressive feminist agenda is  just a less virulent misogynist than Fisher. Continue reading

The “Downshifting” Canard

Running in today’s Concord Monitor is an opinion piece by Representative Steve Shurtleff titled “The season of downshifting.”

Essentially, Shurtleff argues that there should be a greater utilization of State tax revenues to pay for local spending in order to keep local property taxes from rising:

In New Hampshire, funding for schools and local government comes primarily from two sources: state aid and the property tax. When state aid is reduced, or not maintained at a level to match living expenses, the only way for municipalities to maintain obligations is to increase the property tax.

According to Shurtleff, State tax revenues are basically free money because they are paid by businesses and “out-of-staters”:

Municipal taxes are borne exclusively by property owners, whereas state taxes assess moneys from businesses and out-of-staters.

Shurtleff’s “free money” pitch raises an obvious question: if State tax revenues are “free money”, then why isn’t Shurtleff suggesting doing away with municipal taxes altogether and funding schools and local government exclusively with State taxes? Continue reading

Maggie Hassan Blatantly Misleading Voters About the Constitution

The death of Antonin Scalia has unleashed a political war over who should nominate his replacement, President Obama or the next President.  Perhaps nowhere is the battle as fierce as in New Hampshire where incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte is locked in a virtual dead-heat with the putative Democrat nominee, Governor Maggie Hassan. Continue reading

Scalia Vacancy Shows New Hampshire Media Are Democrat Super-PACs

The death of Antonin Scalia has unleashed a political battle over who should nominate his replacement, President Obama or the next President. Continue reading

Concord Monitor Shotguns the Clinton Kool-Aid

It’s not surprising that the Concord Monitor has endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  The Monitor has seen Jeanne Shaheen (Governor 1997-2002, United States Senator 2009-2021), John Lynch (Governor 2005-2013) and Maggie Hassan (Governor 2013-2017) turn New Hampshire ever-bluer through incrementalism and was there in 2002 when gubernatorial candidate Mark Fernald lost in a landslide when he tried it Bernie’s way.

But the intellectual dishonesty of the Monitor’s endorsement should not go untold.  Indeed, reading the editorial is like chug-a-lugging a mug of the Clinton Kool-Aid. Continue reading

Another Democrat Super-PAC Joins Attack on GOP for not Confirming Hassan Judicial Nominee

Yesterday I posted about New Hampshire Public Radio’s reporting on the Executive Council’s refusal to confirm one of six nominees Governor and-United-States-Senate-candidiate Maggie Hassan to the New Hampshire Superior Court:

What seems to be NHPR’s real concern is that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative investigating reporting website, influenced the vote by reporting that the nominee had represented child rapists: Continue reading

Media Bias Apparent in Coverage of Chris Sununu Announcement

So, yesterday Chris Sununu, son of a former Governor and younger brother of a former Senator, announced that he will run for Governor in 2016.

And here is how the Concord Monitor began its coverage: Continue reading