Ray Buckley, Rape and Whataboutism

Yesterday, New Hampshire Democrats held their annual “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner,” which is their major fundraiser.  The dinner is named after former Presidents Kennedy and Clinton.

NH GOP Chair, Jeanie Forester, called on the Democrats to denounce Clinton and remove his name:

When asked about Forester’s press release, Democrat Chair Ray Buckley responded as follows:

Asked by Fox News if the state Democratic party should have a conversation about taking Clinton’s name off the dinner, party Chairman Raymond Buckley said, “I think it would be an interesting conversation right after we see the resignation of Donald Trump.”

Asked again, Buckley responded that “I think that once we see the Republican Party really stand up and represent the real values of America, I think we can have a number of other conversations about other officials. But right now this country, this world, is under assault by Donald Trump and that’s really the most pressing issue.”

Buckley is engaging in whataboutism, a tactic routinely employed by the Soviet Union to deflect criticism.  For example, in response to criticism of human rights violations, the Soviets would criticize race-relations in the United States.  The goal of whataboutism is to avoid addressing the criticism by creating a false equivalence. Continue reading

And Another Reason Why New Hampshire Is a Blue State …

First of all, to clarify the title of this post, New Hampshire is a Blue State when it comes to statewide races.

For those Republicans still in denial:  The last time a GOP Presidential candidate cracked 50 percent was in 1988. Yes, George W. Bush carried the State in 2000, but with less than 50 percent of the vote. He won only because Ralph Nader took votes from Al Gore.  In 2004, even with Nader on the ballot, Bush still lost.  In 2008, Mr. New Hampshire primary, John McCain, lost by ten points, a blow-out.  And, in 2012, Mitt Romney, who owns a house in New Hampshire and was the Governor of neighboring Massachusetts, was handily defeated.  Click here, if you want the actual numbers. Continue reading

Some Additional Thoughts on Kevin Landrigan’s “Investigative Reporting”

I previously posted about a piece by Kevin Landrigan about some relatively minor and definitely legal campaign contributions to certain GOP State Senate candidates here.  A few additional thoughts.

One is that I sure hope that State Senator Kevin Avard, the primary focus of Landrigan’s hit-piece is raising money for his reelection campaign.  While never mentioned in Landrigan’s hit-piece, he was outspent by more than five to one by the incumbent Democrat State Senator, Peggy Gilmour. Continue reading