The Guare Case Shows How Democrat Judges and Democrat Attorney Generals Have Made New Hampshire the Poster-Child for Voter Fraud

In my last post, I noted the manic reaction of the Democrats and their surrogates to a recently released report that shows the magnitude of voter fraud in the 2016 election.  Here’s what one of those surrogates, the ACLU-NH, had to say:Note the reference to the Guare case.  And from the most powerful Democrat surrogate in New Hampshire, WMUR, again reference to the Guare case:

But the Guare case actually shows how Democrat judges and Democrat Attorney Generals have made New Hampshire the poster-child for voter fraud. Continue reading

Yes, There is Voter Fraud in New Hampshire, and Yes it Likely Decided the 2016 Election

I have posted quite a bit about voter fraud in New Hampshire since the 2016 election.  But with (1) President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity scheduled to meet in New Hampshire in just a few days and (2) the Speaker of the New Hampshire House recently releasing a report showing the potential magnitude of voter fraud in the 2016 election and (3) the manic response by the press and the Democrats to that report … another post is in order.

In order to assist the reader, I am going to divide this post into three parts.  The first part will discuss how voter fraud should be defined (because the Democrats and the press have attempted to define it away), the second part will discuss the magnitude of voter fraud in the 2016 election, and the third part will discuss the problems with a recent “reform” to voting law in New Hampshire, SB 3. Continue reading

It’s A Fact That Thousands of Democrat Voters Were Bused Into New Hampshire From Massachusetts

In February, the mainstream media (both nationally and in New Hampshire), the Democrat Party and the New Hampshire establishment-GOP (not that there is much difference substantively between them and the Democrats) all lost their minds when President Trump allegedly stated, during a meeting where no press was present, that he and former United States Senator Kelly Ayotte lost the 2016 election in New Hampshire because thousands of Democrat voters had been bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts.

Trump was assailed for having “no evidence” that thousands of Democrat voters had been bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts, although these same taking-heads and politicians were at the very same time demanding an investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia despite the lack of any evidence of collusion.  “Fact-checkers” proclaimed Trump’s claim “false”.

This is the brilliance of Trump.  While it is not literally true that thousands of Democrat voters were bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts, it is true that both the Presidential race and the United States Senate race were decided by out-of-State or drive-by voters and Trump’s tweet is finally drawing national attention to that fact. Continue reading

For Alderman At Large – Joe Levasseur

Incumbent Alderman-at-Large Joe Levasseur is like the player on the other team who drives you crazy, but whom you’d love to have on your team.

Fortunately, if you are a taxpayer in Manchester, Levasseur is on your team.  Simply put, the taxpayer has no better friend on the Aldermanic Board than Levasseur. Continue reading

For Mayor – Ted Gatsas

Joyce Craig should be running for magician, not Mayor.  She’s going to “fight to improve our schools and ensure our students have the resources they need”, “put more police on the streets”, and “improve our roads and infrastructure.”  But she’s not saying how much this is going to cost.

No, apparently the money is just going to magically fall from the skies, or a magical money tree is going to sprout up next to City Hall, or she is going to magically find efficiencies in City government (which she’s missed all those years on the School Board and as Alderman) to pay for all this new spending. Continue reading

For School Board At Large – Rich Girard

For too long the Manchester School Board has followed a “just spend more” and “who are parents and taxpayers to question us” approach.

Rich Girard would take the opposite approach.  He understands that spending smart not just spending more is the way to improve public education. Continue reading

Will China Determine Who Wins the White House in 2016?

Recessions during Presidential campaigns do not help the party in power, to put it mildly.  In 1980, Ronald Reagan defeated the incumbent Jimmy Carter during a horrible recession.  While the recession was technically over by the time Bill Clinton defeated the incumbent George H. W. Bush in 1992, the public perception on election day, fueled by a very pro-Clinton press, was that we were in another Great Depression.  (Although arguably it took hack-prosecutor Lawrence Walsh announcing Iran-Contra indictments the weekend before the election, just after Bush had pulled into a tie with Clinton, to defeat Bush.)  And, most recently, the “Great Recession” was the backdrop to the voters giving the Democrats complete control of the federal government in 2008. Continue reading