VIKINGS – Season 3, Episode 3

This is not a review, just some random thoughts. But there are some spoilers. So consider yourself warned.

The split between Ragnar and Floki is getting worse.  Floki, who obviously is grief-striken by Torstein’s death in the battle against the remaining Mercians, takes a cheap shot at Ragnar, blaming him for Torstein’s death.  The root of the issue between Ragnar and Floki, however, is Floki’s belief that Vikings and Saxons cannot live peacefully side by side because of their different religions. Continue reading

Why Flint Should Fire on the Fort

OK, so Black Sails doesn’t fit under law, politics or sports, but it’s my blog dammit so I can write about whatever I want.

So the quandary that Flint faced was that firing on the fort would destroy the only defense of the harbor against Spanish or English warships, which allowed Eleanor to come up with the plan to have Flint branded as a madman … Continue reading