Sununu Snookered by Volinsky and Foster

On Tuesday of this week, the Executive Council held a hearing on Governor Sununu’s nomination of Frank Edelblut to be Commissioner of the State Department of Education.  A vote was supposed to follow at the Council’s meeting on Wednesday.  It didn’t.

Democratic Councilor Andru Volinsky asserted that the vote would not be legally binding because State law requires as a prerequisite to the appointment of a Commissioner that the Governor consult with the entire State Board of Education, but Sununu had only talked to the Board’s Chairman.

Attorney General Joseph Foster, a Democrat, agreed with Volinsky’s interpretation.

Sununu responded by asking the Council to delay the vote to give him time to consult with the seven members of the Board of Education.

Sununu got snookered. Continue reading

How Edelblut, Sununu or Whoever the GOP Nominee is Should Approach State Income Tax

This unsolicited advice assumes that the Democrats’ nominee for Governor will pledge to veto an income tax.  A pretty safe bet given that the pledge is the key to the stranglehold the Democrats have had on the Governor’s office since 1996: Continue reading