Not Such a Clever Boy – Fisher Should Resign, Otherwise He Should Be Expelled

I think Sykfall was the best Bond movie ever.  The recent reporting by Daily Beast asserting that Representative Robert Fisher remains involved with the infamous Red Pill forum  reminds me of a scene from Skyfall in which the villain, Silva, hacks into mi6’s computers.

Anticipating that mi6 would attempt to access his personal computer, Silva, programmed his PC to hack mi6 and arranged his capture by Bond.  At 1:16 of the video below, after Q realizes mi6 has been hacked but can’t figure out how, a message appears on Silva’s computer “NOT SUCH A CLEVER BOY.”  What’s left out of this video is Q at the outset bragging about how easy it will be for him to get past Silva’s defenses:

Now, looking at Silva’s computer, it seems to me he’s done a number of slightly unusual things.  He’s established failsafe protocols to wipe the memory if there’s any attempt to access certain files. Only six people in the world could program safeguards like that.

Of course there are.  Can you get past them?

I invented them.

Right, then.

Let’s see what you’ve got for us, Mr. Silva.  We’re in.

Of course, that’s exactly what Silva was counting on:

Now, back to Mr. Fisher. Continue reading

Will Jasper Take the Easy Way Out, and Give Rep Sherry Frost (aka Rep Potty-Mouth) a Pass?

Needless to say, the #nhpolitics press will lose their minds if the House imposes any discipline on Representative Sherry Frost, aka Representative Potty-Mouth.  Their coverage has ignored Potty-Mouth’s clear violations of House rules, while portraying Republicans as throwing stones from a glass house.  For example, from the Concord Monitor:

As Republican Rep. Al Baldasaro criticized Frost’s online comments and defended his own past statement that Hillary Clinton should face a firing squad, House candidate Joshua Adjutant yelled at him from across the room to “shut the f— up.”

Democratic Rep. Ellen Read questioned why a male lawmaker wasn’t admonished by GOP leaders after she said he refused to take down a Facebook post calling Frost a “c—.” Read’s utterance of the swear drew loud gasps from the crowd and a stern word from the committee chairman.

But as Kimberly Morin has noted in her blog New Hampshire Political Buzz, it is undeniable that Representative Potty-Mouth has violated the principles of conduct set forth at the outset of the Ethics Guidelines.  More specifically, the following: Continue reading

NH House GOP Gets Rolled By Representative PottyMouth

What is wrong with this picture of Representative Sherry Frost and her “lawyer,” Paul Twomey, from this Wednesday’s hearing before the House Legislative Administration Committee to investigate whether Frost violated the House’s ethical rules?

What’s wrong with it is this:

[Art.] 22. [House to Elect Speaker and Officers, Settle Rules of Proceedings, and Punish Misconduct.] The house of representatives shall choose their own speaker, appoint their own officers, and settle the rules of proceedings in their own house; … 

The committee, which is majority Republican, allowed Frost and her lawyer to “settle the rules of proceeding.” Continue reading

In New Hampshire, the Illusion of a GOP Statehouse

Former State Representative and current political activist Spec Bowers has compiled a scorecard that indicates that 34 State Representatives who ran as and were elected as Republicans actually vote with the Democrats 40 percent or more of the time:

Spec.Bowers.1 Spec.Bowers.2 Spec.Bowers.3 Spec.Bowers.4

I don’t know what votes Bowers used, but he states that, “Almost all of these votes were to pass or kill a bill, or to adopt an amendment. There were 5 that might be labeled procedural and those were important. The simple fact is that the majority of Republicans voted one way, but they voted the other way.” Continue reading

Shawn Jasper Uses “Civility” as Cover to Attack Conservatives

Shawn Jasper a nominal Republican who  was elected Speaker of the New Hampshire House by the Democrats and a handful of Republicans, over the choice of the Republican caucus, former Speaker Bill O’Brien, opened the House’s 2016 session by calling upon representatives to act with “dignity.”

While Jasper didn’t name any names, everyone knew he was talking about a Facebook spat that went viral between some Free-Staters and some conservative Republicans over the “Free-the-Nipple” issue and a Republican Representative calling out Hillary Clinton at a Town Hall for Hillary’s hypocrisy regarding claims of sexual assault against Bill Clinton.

New Hampshire’s liberal press, naturally, ate it up. Continue reading

Clear that Conservatives in NH House Got Snookered on the Budget

One of the rationales I have been given for conservatives supporting the budget passed by the Legislature, which increases spending six percent over the next two-year budget cycle, is that otherwise Speaker Shawn Jasper and his supporters would have had to go to the Democrats.  That, the rationale goes, would have meant that the House’s budget would have also continued Obamacare Medicaid Expansion past 2016, which the Senate would have eagerly supported.  In other words, higher spending was the price to be paid for preventing the continuation of Obamacare Medicaid Expansion.

This never made much sense to me because there was nothing preventing Jasper from bringing Medicaid up after the budget was passed.

And that, it appears, is exactly what is going to happen. Continue reading

GOP State Party Fills Void Left by Legislative Leadership

When it comes to budgeting, the Legislature should be in the driver’s seat.  A Governor can only veto a budget.

New Hampshire law provides that the Governor must submit a budget to the Legislature.  But nothing requires the Legislature to work from that proposal in crafting the budget. Continue reading