Does Ted Cruz’s Change of Position on Immigration Benefit Marco Rubio?

I previously posted about Ted Cruz’s position on illegal immigration and the 11 million or so living illegally in the United States.  The context for this post was the excellent Fox Business Channel CNBC debate and the back-and-forth over immigration between Cruz and Marco Rubio that followed the debate.

Since that post (11/12/15), Cruz has hardened his position: Continue reading

In New Hampshire, GOP is All About Same But Less

One of the two GOP Majority Leaders in the House, the one not recognized by the State Party because he was appointed by a Speaker who while nominally a Republican was elected Speaker by the Democrats in the face of overwhelming Republican opposition, is out with an editorial taking Governor Hassan to task for her budget veto.

His message: the Governor’s veto was bad policy because the budget passed by the GOP legislature spent nearly as much as the Governor’s proposed budget: Continue reading

Speaker Jasper’s “Team” Votes More Often with Democrats Than Republicans

Think back to when Shawn Jasper and a relative handful of Republicans joined with the Democrats to prevent the elected choice of the House GOP Caucus, former Speaker William O’Brien, from being elected Speaker.  The GOP establishment and the press were quick to claim that Japser and his supporters were every bit as conservative as O’Brien.  For example, from the Union Leader:

What we will weigh in on is the silly claim that Shawn Jasper is not a true Republican conservative. He is, from our experience, as much a conservative as is former Speaker Bill O’Brien. We think either would do a good job of leading the House.

Well, now we have some data against which we can test those claims. Continue reading

Under Speaker Jasper Budget Process Devolves Into Total Chaos

The budget process under Speaker Jasper has become nothing short of total chaos.

While the budget committee is meeting, Democrats and local press have been non-stop tweeting about cuts, massive cuts, draconian cuts … .  Some of us, like this blog have pointed out that increasing spending less than the Democrats want to increase spending is not cutting the budget.  It’s simply increasing spending less than the Democrats want to increase spending.

But there has been practically no pushback by Jasper and his team against the refrain of cuts, massive cuts, and draconian cuts. Continue reading

Examining Jack Flanagan’s Agenda

Jack Flanagan, whom Shawn Jasper, the Speaker of the New Hampshire House has declared GOP Majority Leader is out with an op-ed regarding “the legislative agenda of the majority party” for the 2015-2016 session.  Jasper was elected Speaker by 36 Republicans (out of a total of 239) and 159 Democrats.  Nevertheless, Jasper and others claim that by being elected Speaker by the Democrats Jasper also became the leader of the House Republicans with the power to organize the Republican Caucus within the House.

Flanagan’s manifesto consists of a lot of pablum.  For example, he intends to “work to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.”  When’s the last time a politician ran for office to maintain waste, fraud and abuse?  This is about as edifying as being in favor good weather.

Here is what’s notable about Flanagan’s manifesto: Continue reading

The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Majority Leader?

Speaker Jasper and his choice for Republican Majority Leader, Jack Flanagan, intend to hold a House Republican Caucus this Wednesday, December 17th.  I discussed here why it is is not appropriate for Jasper, who was elected Speaker with the support of only 35 to 40 of the 239 member House GOP Caucus to have appointed the Majority Leader.

The irony of Jasper and Flanagan presiding over the House GOP Caucus is unmissable.  Jasper and Flanagan are Speaker and Majority Leader because they ignored the will of the House GOP Caucus.  Yet now they will be extolling the importance of unity to House Republicans.  And if that were not rich enough it’s unifying around a Speaker and Majority Leader who are the choice of Democrats, not Republicans.  The phrase is overused, but appropriate – you just can’t make this stuff up.