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#FAKENEWS – NHPR’s “Coverage” of Ray Buckley’s Frivolous Ethics Complaint Against Sununu

I posted about Ray Buckley’s utterly frivolous “ethics complaint” against Governor Sununu here.

That post, in part, covered how hack-extrodinaire John DiStaso -Ray Buckley’s go-to guy to get his message out per Steve Vaillancourt- wrote a follow-up to his original story about Ray Buckley’s nothing-burger of an ethics complaint when there was nothing to follow up on.

Casey McDermott of New Hampshire Public Radio pulled a DiStaso yesterday, reporting that there was nothing new to report:

New Hampshire’s executive branch ethics committee met Monday morning to review a complaint involving Gov. Chris Sununu – but the details of its discussion and what, if any, action it might take on the complaint are still confidential.

The only reason to report there is nothing new to report is to keep the issue alive.  That’s #fakenews.

Additionally, McDermott repeats the Democrat talking point that Sununu used an attribute of his office to promote his family’s business:

This was the first time the ethics committee met since the New Hampshire Democratic Party filed a formal complaint accusing the governor of using his official state Twitter account to promote his family’s ski resort, Waterville Valley. The committee only meets monthly when there are new complaints to review; its last meeting was November 2016.

There is no such thing as an “official state Twitter account.”  That is, Twitter not the State of New Hampshire decides who gets a blue verified badge on his or her twitter:

What types of accounts get verified?

An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.

If you think your account should be verified, let us know. This article includes information about submitting a request to verify an account.

A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Twitter.

Yet McDermott never mentions that in her “reporting.”  Instead, she repeats the Democrats’ false talking point that a twitter account is a State resource /property as fact.  That’s #fakenews.

A Head-Scratcher from Sununu

I agree with Governor Sunna’s decision not to renominate Tom Raffio to the State Board of Education.  Raffio would continue the status quo, not #DrainTheSwamp.

But Drew Cline to replace him?  Cline is a smart guy.  But I don’t know of any experience or interest in education.  Google Drew Cline and education and nothing about education comes up except his nomination.  His website indicates that he has spent his entire career in journalism.

Google Rich Girard and education, and it’s a different story:

Girard currently serves on the Manchester School Board, and has been thinking about, talking about, writing about and working on improving education for more than twenty years.

Girard was the obvious choice.

Help Stop the #VolinskyAgenda – Support SB 193

I previously posted about the #VolinskyAgenda here.

Foremost on the #VolinskyAgenda is using public schools to inculcate Democrat (as in Democrat Party) values in children.  From the prior post:


“strong pub schools” – block school choice, so middle-class and poor parents cannot pick the schools their children attend the way rich parents, like Andru Volinsky, can and do.  Forcing middle-class and poor parents into public schools facilitates Democrats inculcating their left-wing values into children, and thereby creates generation after generation of compliant Democrat voters who think, talk and act the way Democrats think they should.  Especially cannot allow children to attend religious schools because abortion must never be seen as the taking of an innocent human life.

SB 193 would help thwart the #VolinskyAgenda by creating Education Freedom Savings Accounts. Continue reading Help Stop the #VolinskyAgenda – Support SB 193

The ACLU’s BullCrap Attacks on SB 3

I previously posted about SB 3 here.  In a nutshell, while the Democrats and their allies, such as the ACLU (which is essentially a Super-PAC for the Democrats) charge SB 3 is “voter suppression,” it is actually a fairly toothless tiger.

The ACLU in a recent op-ed claims that SB 3 “would effectively criminalize legitimate voters who cannot provide documentation proving where they live and cause government ‘agents’ to visit these legitimate voters.”  Let’s examine those charges.

SB 3 will allow the practice of drive-by voting to continue.  In 2016, there were over 7,300 instances of potential drive-by voting.  More particularly, on election day 1,423 persons were allowed to vote with no photo ID at all while 5,903 were allowed to vote using out-of-State licenses. Continue reading The ACLU’s BullCrap Attacks on SB 3

A United States Supreme Court Case of Huge Importance to School-Choice in New Hampshire

Anti-school choice forces, including the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office, have used the New Hampshire Constitution’s “Blaine Amendment” to oppose school-choice in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire’s Blaine Amendment reads as follows:

[No] money raised by taxation shall ever be granted or applied for the use of the schools of institutions of any religious sect or denomination. (New Hampshire Constitution, Part II, Article 83)

While phrased neutrally, Blaine Amendments were a response to Catholic immigration.  Blaine was a Congressman who proposed an amendment to the United States Constitution in 1875 that would have prevented States from providing financial aid to religious schools.  In a nutshell, public schools, at this time, were teaching generic Protestantism and Catholic immigrants wanted the government either to cease that practice or to provide funding to Catholic schools.  The Blaine Amendment was intended to prevent such funding. Continue reading A United States Supreme Court Case of Huge Importance to School-Choice in New Hampshire

What The NH House Freedom Caucus Must Do Next On The Budget

This is a companion piece to What Governor Sununu Must Do Next On The Budget, which I posted yesterday.  As I did with the prior post, I will begin with the NH House Freedom Caucus’ statement on the House’s failure to pass a budget: Continue reading What The NH House Freedom Caucus Must Do Next On The Budget

NH House Freedom Caucus Exposes Jasper-Budget — Jasper Increases Spending More than Sununu

Say what you want about the NH House Freedom Caucus, but it is undeniable that they are doing  the work that the #fakenews #nhpolitics press should be doing.

More particularly, House Speaker Shawn Jasper and his minions are proposing a smoke-and-mirrors budget that actually increases spending by $21 million over the spending increases proposed by Governor Sununu in his proposed budget. Continue reading NH House Freedom Caucus Exposes Jasper-Budget — Jasper Increases Spending More than Sununu

Memo to New Hampshire House GOP – a “Public Hearing” is Not a Plebiscite

You have got to hand it to the New Hampshire Democrats and the New Hampshire political press.  Although the Republicans in 2016 won control of all of State government –the House, the Senate, the Executive Council, and the Governor’s office– the Democrats and the press have used the public hearing requirement in the legislative rules as a tool to end-run the election results and push the Democrat agenda. Continue reading Memo to New Hampshire House GOP – a “Public Hearing” is Not a Plebiscite