Chris Sununu Has His Harriet Miers Moment

Remember Harriet Miers?  She was President George W. Bush’s choice to fill the United States Supreme Court vacancy left by Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement.  Here’s what the late Judge Robert Bork had to say about Miers back in 2005:

TUCKER CARLSON, MSNBC HOST: Are you impressed by the president’s choice of Harriet Miers?

JUDGE ROBERT BORK, FORMER SUPREME COURT NOMINEE: Not a bit.  I think it’s a disaster on every level.

CARLSON: Why?  Explain the levels on which it’s a disaster.

BORK: Well, the first one is, that this is a woman who’s undoubtedly as wonderful a person as they say she is, but so far as anyone can tell she has no experience with constitutional law whatever.  Now it’s a little late to develop a constitutional philosophy or begin to work it out when you’re on the court already.  So that—I’m afraid she’s likely to be influenced by factors, such as personal sympathies and so forth, that she shouldn’t be influenced by.  I don’t expect that she can be, as the president says, a great justice.

But the other level is more worrisome, in  a way:  it’s kind of a slap in the face to the conservatives who’ve been building up a conservative legal movement for the last 20 years.  There’s all kinds of people, now, on the federal bench and some in the law schools who have worked out consistent philosophies of sticking with the original principles of the Constitution.  And all of those people have been overlooked. …

The same concerns raised by Bork apply to Governor Chris Sununu’s nomination of “Bobbie” Hantz Marconi to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Continue reading

Serious Questions Raised by Sununu’s Nomination of Arlinghaus

Chris Sununu has nominated long-time FOS, Friend-of-Sununus, Charlie Arlinghaus to be the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services:

“New Hampshire will be in good hands with Charlie Arlinghaus leading the Department of Administrative Services,” Sununu said in a statement. “Charlie has a deep knowledge and understanding of the budget and state agencies, and I look forward to nominating him at tomorrow’s Council meeting.”

This raises some serious questions. Continue reading

Questions for New Hampshire’s Next Attorney General

In May of this year, Joe Foster’s term as Attorney General will end and Governor Chris Sununu will be able to nominate a successor.  Here are some questions that Sununu should ask anyone he is considering.

1.  Beginning no later than Phil McLaughlin, who was appointed Attorney General in 1997 by then Governor and now United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Attorney Generals in New Hampshire have claimed the power to not defend legislation that they deem unconstitutional.  A recent example is Joe Foster refusing to defend an education funding law.   Do you believe the Attorney General has such a power?

The correct answer is Continue reading

Another Democrat Super-PAC Joins Attack on GOP for not Confirming Hassan Judicial Nominee

Yesterday I posted about New Hampshire Public Radio’s reporting on the Executive Council’s refusal to confirm one of six nominees Governor and-United-States-Senate-candidiate Maggie Hassan to the New Hampshire Superior Court:

What seems to be NHPR’s real concern is that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative investigating reporting website, influenced the vote by reporting that the nominee had represented child rapists: Continue reading

Democrat Super-PAC Attacks GOP for Not Confirming Hassan Judicial Nominee

New Hampshire Public Radio is reporting that the New Hampshire’s “Legal Community” is “concerned” about the Executive Council rejecting one of Governor Hassan’s recent nominees to the Superior Court.

The “legal community” mentioned in the article consists of the Chief of the Manchester Police and the President of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  That’s akin to CNN reporting, based on interviewing only nine people in Detroit, that Ben Carson’s claims in Gifted Hands were unable to be verified.

What seems to be NHPR’s real concern is that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative investigating reporting website, influenced the vote by reporting that the nominee had represented child rapists: Continue reading

Is Only Way for GOP Establishment to Stop Donald Trump to Get Behind Ben Carson?

CBS is out with some new polls.  And it’s getting uglier and uglier and uglier for the GOP establishment.

In Iowa, Donald Trump and Ben Carson are locked in a two-person race.  In the latest poll, they take 54 percent of the vote between them.  The next closest candidate is Ted Cruz, who is hardly an establishment man, with 10 percent:


New Hampshire, the most establishment friendly of the three early States, is just as bad for the establishment.  Trump is way out in front with 40 percent in the most recent poll.  Carson is second with 12 percent.  Add in Carly Fiorina’s eight percent, and the three outsiders take 60 percent of the vote. Continue reading