No, Democrats Don’t Want to Have a Conversation About Preventing Mass-Shootings

One of the themes that Democrats and their surrogates in the press have been sounding since the mass-shooting in Las Vegas is that we “need to talk about gun control” in order to prevent more mass shootings. Continue reading

Colin Van Ostern Reveals He is No Friend of the Second Amendment

Earlier this week, New Hampshire Public Radio “interviewed” Democrat gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern.  I put interview in quotations because NHPR, unsurprisingly, served up softballs that allowed Van Ostern to repeat his talking points.  But one portion actually is elucidating: Continue reading

Maggie Hassan Unserious About Fighting Terrorism

Today from Maggie Hassan’s campaign, a twitter barrage implying that the GOP-led Senate and Senator Kelly Ayotte are hampering the fight against ISIS by not passing an AUMF (Authorization-For-The-Use-Of-Military Force): Continue reading

A Question For GOP Presidential Candidates That is Especially Appropriate for the New Hampshire Primary

Immigration and Common Core are important issues, but so is whether there is an individual right to bear arms under the Second Amendment and whether the federal government can “mandate” that one engage in commerce as part of its authority to regulate commerce.

By just a one vote margin, the United States Supreme Court said yes to the first and no to the second.  And two of the justices whose votes determined those decisions, Scalia and Kennedy, are  78 years old.  While I wish them a long life and good health, there is the possibility that one or both of them will no longer be on the Supreme Court by 2020. Continue reading

Yet Another Midterm Post-Mortem For The New Hampshire GOP

Today brings another post-mortem on the 2014 midterms from the Union Leader.  This one from Mike Biundo.  I previously blogged about Drew Cline’s post-mortem here.

Biundo begins by asking Republicans to acknowledge that New Hampshire is a “purple state.”  Not really, Mike.  New Hampshire is a purple state only with respect to the State legislature and Executive Council.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

The last time a GOP Presidential candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote was 1988. With the exception of 2002, when the Democrat gubernatorial candidate was income-taxer Mark Fernald, Democrats have held the Governor’s office since 1996.  That’s not purple.  That’s incandescent blue.

Continue reading