No, Democrats Don’t Want to Have a Conversation About Preventing Mass-Shootings

One of the themes that Democrats and their surrogates in the press have been sounding since the mass-shooting in Las Vegas is that we “need to talk about gun control” in order to prevent more mass shootings.  For example, these two Democrat trolls trolling Governor Sununu:The trolls were picking up on a misleading headline from NHPR -what a surprise- that mischaracterized the following quote from Sununu:

“The focus so early on in a tragedy right now isn’t about what Washington is going to do legislatively,” Sununu told reporters in a telephone conference call Monday.  “It really needs to be about what we are going to do to make sure we are there for those families, to make sure that they have the supports they need to get through this horrific time in their lives.”

as, “Governor Chris Sununu says gun reform should be put on the back burner, …“, under the headline: “Sununu: Not the Right Time to Discuss Gun Control”.  The author of this Fake News is Paige Sutherland.

But the Democrats, and their surrogates in the press, have yet to identify a single law that would have prevented the Las Vegas shooting or further mass shootings.  The only actual legislation they have floated that is relevant is banning bump-stocks.  For example:But the most one can say is that it is possible that there might have been fewer deaths if the shooter did not have a bump-stock.  It is also possible that there may have been more deaths because bump-stocks decrease accuracy.

I am agnostic on bump-stocks.  That is, I think an argument can be made that bump-stocks violate the spirit of the 1886 law banning automatic weapons.

But banning bump-stocks is just the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent.  The next step will be to argue that a “high capacity” magazine is the equivalent or near-equivalent of a bump-stock and ban those as well.  And the next step will be to reduce the number of rounds that qualify as “high capacity.”  Over time, this progression will undermine our Second Amendment right to self defense as there are tens of millions of high capacity magazines in America and there is no way of keeping them out of the hands of criminals.  And even if that were possible, banning high capacity magazines makes it impossible to defend against multiple assailants.

Check out the following twitter-rant from the New Hampshire Democrat Party:Not only is there not a single serious idea for preventing mass shootings, the suggestion that there is a nexus between law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire having a right to carry a weapon concealed on his or her own person -concealed carry- and the mass shooting in Las Vegas is demented.

So, the Democrats do not want to have a conversation about mass shootings.  They want to use mass shootings as a pretext to eviscerate the Second Amendment and to score cheap political points against the GOP.

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Biundo begins by asking Republicans to acknowledge that New Hampshire is a “purple state.”  Not really, Mike.  New Hampshire is a purple state only with respect to the State legislature and Executive Council.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

The last time a GOP Presidential candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote was 1988. With the exception of 2002, when the Democrat gubernatorial candidate was income-taxer Mark Fernald, Democrats have held the Governor’s office since 1996.  That’s not purple.  That’s incandescent blue.

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