Shawn Jasper Uses “Civility” as Cover to Attack Conservatives

Shawn Jasper a nominal Republican who  was elected Speaker of the New Hampshire House by the Democrats and a handful of Republicans, over the choice of the Republican caucus, former Speaker Bill O’Brien, opened the House’s 2016 session by calling upon representatives to act with “dignity.”

While Jasper didn’t name any names, everyone knew he was talking about a Facebook spat that went viral between some Free-Staters and some conservative Republicans over the “Free-the-Nipple” issue and a Republican Representative calling out Hillary Clinton at a Town Hall for Hillary’s hypocrisy regarding claims of sexual assault against Bill Clinton.

New Hampshire’s liberal press, naturally, ate it up. Continue reading

Jasper and Morse Roll Over for Attorney General on Dover Education Funding Lawsuit

At the beginning of the week, the New Hampshire Attorney General, Joe Foster, humiliated GOP Statehouse leadership by announcing that he would not defend an education funding law passed by the Legislature: Continue reading

Jasper’s and Morse’s Low Energy Response to Dover Education Funding Lawsuit

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Attorney General humiliated GOP legislative leadership by announcing that he would not defend an education funding law passed by the Legislature because he feels it is unconstitutional: Continue reading

More Establishment Spin on the GOP’s Same-But-(Just a Wee Bit)-Less Budget “Compromise”

The Union Leader editorializes today that the budget “compromise” entered into by the GOP’s legislative “leaders” and subsequently approved by the rank-and-file –unanimously in the Senate and by a majority in the House– is a “huge” victory for conservatives:

Conservatives achieved a huge and long-sought political victory in Concord on Wednesday, despite the best efforts of a large group of…conservatives.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has a lot of caucuses, which are groups of legislators who join together to advance certain causes. One should be called the Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good Caucus. It almost derailed one of the right’s biggest recent policy victories, the reduction of state business tax rates.

The state budget passed in June contained small but important business tax cuts. They would bring business tax rates below those in Massachusetts. Currently New Hampshire businesses pay a higher corporate income tax than their counterparts in “Taxachussetts” do.

Nowhere mentioned in the Union Leader’s editorial is that the budget that the Legislature passed that became the basis of the compromise increases spending over six percent over the two year budget cycle.  The current inflation rate –inflation for the 12 months ended August, 2015– is .2 percent.  Note the decimal point.  That’s .2 percent not two percent.

That’s a “huge victory” for conservatives? Continue reading

NH GOP’s Budget “Compromise” is Why Outsiders Leading Presidential Polls

A “budget compromise” suggests that the GOP “Statehouse leaders” and the Governor each got something for their respective sides.

The Governor can certainly say she got something.  The Legislature has agreed to add more spending (for government pay raises) to a budget that already increased spending by six percent over the prior budget.  (Note: in New Hampshire budgets cover two years, so it’s an average annual increase of three percent.)

The GOP “leadership” claims that the “compromise” is that Hassan agreed to business tax cuts.  That is, that the something they got for their side was Hassan dropping her opposition to the tax cuts.  But the business tax cuts were already in the budget.  The cuts are not something new Hassan agreed to in return for the GOP agreeing to additional spending for government pay raises.

It is true that the Governor had the votes to sustain her veto, and so could have blocked the tax cuts.  But the price that the Governor would have paid to maintain the veto is that none of her budget priorities would have become law either.  Under the “compromise” she is getting all of those budget priorities, plus additional spending for government pay raises. Continue reading

GOP Statehouse Leaders Set to Hand Governor Hassan Another Victory on Budget

The leadership of the House and Senate have scheduled votes to attempt to override Governor’s Hassan veto of the budget for September 16th.  The vote is going to fail because Republicans do not hold anywhere near the two-thirds required to override a veto in either chamber.

So why are they holding a budget override vote?  The tactic makes no sense.   Continue reading

Governor Hassan’s Budget Veto is All About Politics

Let’s start with the fact that there really is not that much difference between the budget proposed by Governor Hassan and the budget proposed by the House-Senate Committee-of-Conference.  Here is what the Governor proposed: Continue reading

Why is Kelly Ayotte Raising Money for Shawn Jasper?

To this point, my position has been that conservatives should support Kelly Ayotte’s reelection because she will vote with us two out of three times, whereas Governor Hassan will vote against us two out of three times, and Ayotte is the only GOP candidate who can defeat Hassan: Continue reading