Jeanie Forrester, How about the NH GOP Giving Voters Something to be Motivated About?

Following yet another loss in a special election to fill a vacancy in the State Legislature -the eight loss in ten special elections- and a resounding defeat for incumbent GOP Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas, GOP State Chair Jeanie Forrester told one of WMUR’s #BuckleysBoys that “[w]e have worked hard, but have to work harder on getting the base motivated and getting them out to vote.”

The problem with Forrester’s assessment, in my opinion, is that the State GOP is not giving voters much to be motivated about. Continue reading

Why the New Hampshire GOP Keeps Losing Special Elections

Democrats have won five of seven special elections in New Hampshire – one State Senate seat and four State Rep seats.

Unnamed GOP “operatives” say its simply that the Democrats have more money and staff.  As John Boehner famously said: Are you kidding me!

The Democrats always have more money and staff.

There are three reasons. Continue reading

And Another Reason Why New Hampshire Is a Blue State …

First of all, to clarify the title of this post, New Hampshire is a Blue State when it comes to statewide races.

For those Republicans still in denial:  The last time a GOP Presidential candidate cracked 50 percent was in 1988. Yes, George W. Bush carried the State in 2000, but with less than 50 percent of the vote. He won only because Ralph Nader took votes from Al Gore.  In 2004, even with Nader on the ballot, Bush still lost.  In 2008, Mr. New Hampshire primary, John McCain, lost by ten points, a blow-out.  And, in 2012, Mitt Romney, who owns a house in New Hampshire and was the Governor of neighboring Massachusetts, was handily defeated.  Click here, if you want the actual numbers. Continue reading