Jeanie Forrester, How about the NH GOP Giving Voters Something to be Motivated About?

Following yet another loss in a special election to fill a vacancy in the State Legislature -the eight loss in ten special elections- and a resounding defeat for incumbent GOP Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas, GOP State Chair Jeanie Forrester told one of WMUR’s #BuckleysBoys that “[w]e have worked hard, but have to work harder on getting the base motivated and getting them out to vote.”

The problem with Forrester’s assessment, in my opinion, is that the State GOP is not giving voters much to be motivated about. Continue reading

For Mayor – Ted Gatsas

Joyce Craig should be running for magician, not Mayor.  She’s going to “fight to improve our schools and ensure our students have the resources they need”, “put more police on the streets”, and “improve our roads and infrastructure.”  But she’s not saying how much this is going to cost.

No, apparently the money is just going to magically fall from the skies, or a magical money tree is going to sprout up next to City Hall, or she is going to magically find efficiencies in City government (which she’s missed all those years on the School Board and as Alderman) to pay for all this new spending. Continue reading

The Question Voters in Manchester Need to Ask

There is no question that Democrats will retain comfortable majorities on Manchester’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Board of School Committee.  As I posted here, the Manchester GOP didn’t even bother to run candidates in key races.

So the question for the voters in Manchester is: do you want a Mayor who will act as a check and balance to the Democratic majorities on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Board of School Committee, or do you want a Mayor who essentially will be part of the Democratic majorities? Continue reading

Takeaways for the GOP Presidential Candidates From Last Night’s School Board Meeting in Manchester

Last night in Manchester, the “Board of School Committee” took a vote of “no confidence” in Mayor Ted Gatsas as the Board’s Chairman for vetoing, in his capacity as Mayor, a contract the Board negotiated with the teachers union.  The contract had to be approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, and Gatsas vetoed the contract after the Alderman had voted in favor.  The Board of School Committee also approved a motion asking that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen reconsider its vote on the contract with Gatsas recused. Continue reading