Quick Takeaways from the Special Election in State Senate District 16

Unofficial results have Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh defeating Republican David Boutin by a very comfortable margin of 55% to 45% in the Special Election for State Senate District 16.

The result should serve as a wake-up call to the NH GOP because Boutin held the seat from 2010 to 2016 and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton essentially battled to a draw in 2016, with Clinton eking out a 15,150 to 15,040 win.

The difference in performance between Trump and Boutin is even more striking because Trump had to contend with hordes of out-of-State college students from Southern New Hampshire University and Saint Anselm voting in his election, while Boutin had the benefit of many of these students being home for summer break.

So why did Boutin so underperform Trump? Continue reading

2016 Winners and Losers — Biggest National Political Loser

So we’ve named the Biggest Local Political Winner of 2016 – Governor-elect Chris Sununu, and the Biggest Local Political Loser of 2016 – #StinkyJoe McQuaid.  And we’ve named the Biggest National Political Winner of 2016 – President-elect Donald J. Trump.  So all that’s left is to name the Biggest National Political Loser of 2016. Continue reading

Enough With the Revisionist History of Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Recently, Bryan Gould, writing in #DyingPaper, a.k.a. the Union Leader, argued that conservatives “owe Sen. Forrester their serious consideration in the governor’s race” because she “voted against reauthorizing expanded Medicaid.”

The problem with Gould’s argument is that the vote that really mattered was the vote to authorize expanded Medicaid two years ago.  Indeed, in Gould’s own words: Continue reading

#DyingPaper (aka Union Leader) Embraces Supreme Court’s Upholding Obamacare

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but I can’t remember any other Republican Presidential candidate ever standing up to Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid:


Indeed voters everywhere owe Trump a thank you for exposing that the “coveted” Union Leader endorsement required taking #StinkyJoe golfing (in the case of Trump and who knows what else in the case of the others).  But this post isn’t about Trump.  I just wanted to explain the title.

Recently, the Union Leader editorialized glowingly about a New Hampshire Supreme Court decision Continue reading

Explaining the Trump Phenomenon to Former Governor Sununu

The New Hampshire Union Leader, also known as #DyingPaper:


ran a guest op-ed yesterday by former Governor Sununu about -surprise, surprise, surprise- Donald Trump.

Some comments, but first I want to make clear that I am not planning on voting for Trump in the primary.  I have narrowed my choice down to three candidates and Trump is not one of them. Continue reading

The Union Leader is the Democrats’ Best Friend

The Union Leader has endorsed Chris Christie.  I haven’t decided on a candidate yet, but Christie is certainly a finalist, as are Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others.

There are a lot of good things that can be said about Christie, but instead of making a positive case for Christie, the Union Leader is taking the low road and smearing his opponents.

On Sunday, the Union Leader asserted that Cruz and Rand Paul support dictators, when their actual position is sometimes the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t know, which our intervention in Libya demonstrates. Continue reading

Who’s Helped and Hurt by the Union Leader Endorsement of Chris Christie

Today the Union Leader endorsed Chris Christie.  Approximately four years ago, the Union Leader endorsed Newt Gingrich.

At that time Gingrich stood at 18.5 percent in the New Hampshire polls, second to Mitt Romney who was at 36.8 percent.  Gingrich would peak at 24.8 percent about a week later, and ultimately finish at 9.4 percent.

Chris Christie is currently in seventh place:


The endorsement, in and of itself, is not going to translate into much of a boost.  If Christie gets the same boost as Gingrich, his numbers would rise to around 7.5 percent.

What the Union Leader endorsement represents for Christie is Continue reading

Federal Court Quite Right in Dismissing Lawsuit of Man Arrested at Gilford School Board Meeting

Remember William Baer?  He was the man who was arrested at a school board meeting in Gilford in 2014, supposedly in violation of his First Amendment rights.  As reported by WND, when Baer’s criminal charges got tossed by a New Hampshire judge in December, 2014: Continue reading